Friday 11 August 2017

What is The Main Reason of Your Canon Printer is print Black Pages?

When you are in a dilemma of choosing the best printer service in the market your search ends with Canon Printer. The printers from Canon have all the features you search for in a printer. There are many technical issues too which you will get to notice in this printer and for all those technical issues solution can be achieved by calling the experts at Canon printer contact number UK 

Symptoms of getting Canon Printer Printing Black Pages issues:
  •  If your Canon Printer is printing black pages, this might have a defective toner cartridge, a high voltage power supply circuit gets faulty or;
  • As PCA is defective or faulty as it doesn’t work so it could be a DC controller 
  •   It could be a DC controller as PCA is defective or faulty. Remember that if a DC controller get down to a laser beam light persistently then, your entire surface area of a photosensitive drum gets neutralized and prints only black pages.
Every technical issue have got a solution Resolution for Troubleshooting Canon Printer prints Black Pages stated as:

Here is another way to correct the black pages printed by your Canon printer, take a glance:
  •    First of all you need to check if the cartridge is running out of ink or not.
  • Make sure that the papers are loaded correctly in the paper tray.
  •  Check if the cartridge of your printer is installed properly.
  •  Try to keep the printer platen glass clean all the time.
  •  Also, make it sure that the platen glass is original.
  •   Clean the machine of your printer, its paper tray too.
  •  Check the paper size and it should be inserted correctly.
  •    Check whether you've downloaded the printer driver for your Canon Printer.
Canon Printer Support Number UK

So, from now if you still notice that your Canon printer is printing black papers go with the steps mentioned above. In case the method fails to work on your printer issue you can take help from the technical experts available at Canon printer phone number UK. These technical experts are trained and skilled at all the services and can avail you with the suitable and quick solution for your concern technical issues. So, give a call from now and the technical experts will be there with the solution for your concern technical issues.

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