Wednesday 3 January 2018

Call at 0808-178-2624 Why I Can’t Access Canon Printer on Windows 10?

The function of printer driver is to set up communication between the computer and the printer. It takes your printer command and prints it. But there are lots of people who complain that they are not able to print after their windows upgraded to Windows 10. It happens because when you upgraded your windows, the printer driver didn’t get upgraded. This causes incompatibility between your printer operating system and printer software. You can consult printer experts to resolve this issue by dialing Canon Printer Support Number UK 0808-178-2624. However, there are three different methods to resolve the issue. 
  1. Update printer driver manually: Visit Canon printer’s website to check if your printer model is compatible with Windows 10. Only if your printer supports Windows 10 then you can download printer driver from manufacturer’s site. The printer driver can be downloaded from Support section. After the download, double click the installer to install the driver.
  2.   Use Windows Update for New Driver: Follow the given steps for this:
    • Click on START menu and then go to Settings. 
    • From the Settings window, click Update & Security and then click Windows update in the left pane. 
    • Click Check for Updates. 
    • Then click on the link that tells you about optional updates. 
    • Select the driver you want to install and then click OK. 
    • Lastly click Install Updates.
 3.  Update Printer driver automatically: You can use Driver Easy tool to update driver automatically. This tool automatically recognizes your system and finds a compatible driver for it. 
  • Download and install Driver Easy.
  •  Double click the tool and click scan now. 
  • The driver easy will scan for the problem. 
  • Click Update button to automatically download and install correct driver. You can also click Update All, to automatically install the correct version of all the drivers in your system.
In case you are still having the issue then please contact us at Canon Printer Helpline Number UK to find the exact resolution for the problem. We are available 24/7 to assist you in all situations. We will make sure that you can easily use your printer on Windows 10.

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