Monday 16 October 2017

How to fix a print quality issue in Epson printers?

If you are printing any document, it is quite obvious that you want a quality printout which can display everything in a clearer way. However, it is very frustrating if the print quality of a document is not as expected. In this blog, we will discuss different methods to rectify problems like a faded printout, document with blurred text, color or black ink not printing and other similar printing issues. If these methods do not work for you, in that case, you can also contact Epson Printer Support Number UK where Epson tech expert will answer your all queries related to your printer.

1. Always us genuine quality Cartridges – It is always recommended that printer user should always go for the genuine cartridges, ink and toner. Without using genuine cartridges this problem cannot be resolved.

2. Check the paper- one should make sure that paper that they are using is appropriate for printing, paper shouldn’t be wrinkled or cured; papers must be kept n flat, cool& dry place, etc

3.  The user must check the print settings for Windows OS as well as for Mac.

4. Must evaluate or check Print Quality Diagnostics page, it will help users to determine if the printer needs to be aligned or if the print head needs to be cleaned.

5. It very important to ensure that the image you are printing has sufficient resolution if an image is enlarged too much, it might appear blurry.

6.  If above-given steps do not work for the user, they can replace one or both the print heads.

7.  After deploying above method if the issue persists then user also contact Epson Printer Help Number UK  0808-178-2624 for further assistance.

Epson Printer Toll Free number UK

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