Wednesday 4 October 2017

How to Resolve Blank Paper Print isues in Brother Printers ?

When any user works on Printer, it is obvious that they will encounter a Paper jam issue.  Whenever this issue occurs in user’s printer, the error will start flashing on their printer main panel. A user can fix this problem themselves and can continue printing their documents.

However one can also prevent this problem by using following steps, these steps are common in all advanced printers. To know more about Brother Printers, their issues, and troubleshooting, you can immediately call at Brother Printer help number UK.

    Overfilling the paper tray can result in paper jam issue, so do not fill the try above its capacity.
    Many printers consist of the slider that enables users to add paper of different sizes, if the printer  slider is not positioned correctly, it can cause paper jam issue.
    Printer user should not mix the different sizes of papers to be fed into printer tray.
    Examine your printer before printing; it should not have any debris or any foreign object in it.
    Do not use folded and labeled paper as they can often cause paper jam because of their irregular dimensions.
These are some prevention steps that user can take to avoid this situation but if you are currently stuck in this problem then, you can use below give troubleshooting steps:
    Firstly, open the front tray of your Brother printer and let it cool down for next 10 minutes.
    Now you can pull out the cartridge and ink drum from the inside panel of your printer. If you are getting any issue in opening the drum assembly, then you can immediately call at 0808-178-2624 Brother Printer Technical Support Number UK. After disassembling the drum, the jammed paper may get released that can be further removed via paper tray.
    Now close the printer cover and pull the paper tray completely out of your printer.
    It is recommended to use both the hands to remove the paper from inside.
    Now open the back cover and remove the fuse covers by drawing the tabs from the left and right-hand side.
    Now you can drag the jammed paper that stuck inside it
    Pull the duplex tray completely from the printer and removing the paper from it,
    Now gently press duplex tray inside.
    Keep the Paper tray back to the machine.
    You will find green lock lever inside the cartridge unit. Press it to remove the toner from the drum unit. Clean the assembly and re-assemble it.
    Now you can close all the opened covers properly and make sure that Error Led has turned off.
    If the printer does not start printing automatically, then press the Go button.

These are some steps that you can follow to troubleshoot paper jam problem, however if your printer is still showing the same problem, then you can contact at Brother Printers Helpline number UK .

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