Tuesday 19 December 2017

How Resolve the Error Code 1403 in Canon Printers?

Error code 1403 is related to print head issue and to resolve this error you need to reinstall the print head. The print head sits inside the printer and to resolve this error you can try the given method:

 • Open the printer and wait for the print head to slide over. (Note: If the cartridge doesn’t come out automatically then you can take help from printer technicians at Canon Printer Support Number UK to remove it) 

• Then remove the print cartridge from the print head. 

• You need to clean the print head and the electronic contacts on each ink cartridge with the help of cotton swabs dipped in hot water or hot water mixed with propyl alcohol.

 • Repeat the process until you are sure that there is no ink left on it.

 • Once you are done with cleaning, let it dry and then replace the cartridge. Now you can try printing something, if you are still getting the same error then there are two possibilities, either one of the ink cartridge is defective and causing error or the print head is damaged and you need to replace it with a new one. Replacing print head is not an easy task; there is a possibility that you will need some assistance to perform this task. If that is the case then you can talk to our experts at

0808-178-2624 Canon Printer Helpline Number UK. They will guide you step by step for this task. 


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