Tuesday, 12 December 2017

What to do about vertical misaligned printouts in Epson Printer?

Everyone should have Epson Printer as it gives out professional looking printouts. It has become an essentially to adopt it as it offers colorful printouts. But it is certain that every convenient thing give rise to more issues. You may face some issues that need expertise assistance to resolve. If you want an instant support, get help from Epson Printer Helpline Number UK.

Epson users claim that sometimes, their printer produce printouts having vertical alignment. These printouts look so weird when we have to utilize them professionally. If you need to correct this issue, then you can follow the below solutions as per your need:

Firstly, ensure that the side which is to be printed should be facing up in the sheet feeder.
Subsequently Run the Print Head Alignment utility.

Now empty the High Speed check box located in the Advanced dialog box.
Then Run the Head Cleaning utility to empty any clogged ink nozzles present.
Ensure that the Media Type setting chosen in the printer software is suitable for the kind of media loaded in the printer.

Also, ensure that Micro Weave check box has been chosen when located in the Advanced dialog box.
Manage the above suggested procedure and apply it for resolving the issue which is causing your printouts to be vertically aligned. If that doesn’t help, then you should contact the 0808-178-2624 Epson Printer Support Number UK toll free. This service avails you with the best resolution possible as the technicians here are experienced and well determined.

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