Thursday, 26 April 2018

How to Correct HP Printer Scanner Error on Windows?

Earlier we need to buy different machines to perform printing, scanning, and copying, but now all these tasks can be performed by one single machine. This is the reason that HP Multifunctional printers are in much demand these days. As we all know, more features, on one hand, bring convenience but then they can also bring more technical issues on the other hand. At times, HP Multifunctional printer scanner stops working. Either the scanner is not found or the can fails to connect. There are various communication or connection errors that you may encounter while scanning. These error codes can be rectified with the help of printer experts of HP Printer Customer Care Number UK or by following the guidance given in this section.

Step 1: Check if You Can Print
If you cannot print and scan, both then check your printer and computer connection with the router. And if you are facing issue while scanning only then move to the next step.
Step 2: Restart Devices
Restart both your printer and computer to restore the lost scan connection and after that do not forget to check driver scan settings.
Step 3: Check Connection
Please check if your network connection is working perfectly or not. Also, check your printer connection status.
Step 4: Run HP Print and Scan Doctor
HP Print and Scan doctor is a free diagnostic tool that can look for the printer issue and troubleshoot it automatically. You can download this tool from HP Printer website.
Step 5: Uninstall and Reinstall Printer software
You can uninstall from Windows control panel and then reinstall the latest driver from HP Printer website. If the issue was related to the driver then this step will resolve it.
Step 6: Verify Windows Image Acquisition Settings
Windows has a special service known as Windows Image Acquisition which lets your computer communicate with the scanner machine. You need to ensure that WIA is activated as otherwise, your scanner might fail to perform its job.
Step 7: Temporarily Disable Firewall
Firewall blocks all sorts of threats that comes your way, but at times it even block genuine USB devices like printer and scanner. It can blocks communication with network printer so you can disable network printer for some time and then resume your printing task.

In case, the above-mentioned way didn’t help you much then you can try other workarounds to scan your documents. You can learn more about them from HP Printer Phone Number UK.


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